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JDLATAM es una asociación estratégica entre diversas empresas desarrolladoras de tecnología, con la misión de crear soluciones tecnológicas específicas para la resolución de conflictos en línea. Nuestro equipo cuenta con experiencia significativa en proyectos de ODR en diversas jurisdicciones, incluyendo Estados Unidos, Países Bajos, Ecuador y Chile, donde la inteligencia artificial juega un papel fundamental en la eficiencia y efectividad de nuestras soluciones.

A long history of success

With years of experience in the development of specialized software in the field of dispute resolution, companies ODR.COM, Synergy International Syestems, come together in JDLATAM to deliver trusted solutions to clients throughout Latin America. Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of technology experts, attorneys and dispute resolution professionals, works tirelessly to provide high-quality products and services.

COMPANIES is a company with a consolidated track record in the design and execution of more than 100 ODR projects over a period of twenty years. is led by Colin Rule (CEO), who has been a pioneer in the field of online dispute resolution since its birth. 

The software of is built around best practices and lessons learned from decades of experience building advanced, configurable ODR systems.

These platforms and experiences are now available in Latin America through JDLATAM and in particular through the StartUp REDEK, leadered by Nicolas Lozada, its CEO. 

Established company in the Digital Justice industry, helping governments, non-profit organizations and other institutions solve critical and complex challenges within specific domains through a combination of specialized in-house software and adaptive implementation designed for the perfect solution. 

It has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, having developed more than 300 proyects through their 5 offices around the world.

Judicial hearing room technology area.

One of the main Latin American companies whose purpose is to contribute to improving people's quality of life, innovating and adding value through technological solutions.


Our mission is to empower individuals, businesses and organizations of all types through the use of artificial intelligence, so they can address their legal matters and resolve disputes efficiently, affordably and equitably. We firmly believe that technology, particularly artificial intelligence, can be a critical catalyst for more accessible and fair justice.

Our team

Rodrigo Novoa


Partner dnpv lawyers

Colin rule


CEO de,, y cofundador de

Ignacio De Leon

CCO Jdlatam